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Natural areas in the Rømø and in the Tønder area.

In the southwestern corner of Denmark, where sky and sea merge into a spectacular landscape, lies Rømø and Wadden Sea National Park, flanked by Tønder Marsken. This unique natural area offers a wealth of outdoor activities that appeal to everyone, from the adventurous to the nature enthusiast.

Find natural areas you can visit.

Bunkers on Rømø

Experience nature from a new perspective

Hiking and cycling tours

On the South West Coast opens up a world of natural beauty and panoramic views, best explored on foot or on two wheels. With a network of hiking trails and cycling routes, visitors are invited to experience the coast's marvelous landscapes, from picturesque Wadden Sea areas to ancient forests and expansive beaches. Whether you're looking for adventure on the mountain bike or want a relaxing walk along the coastline, there are routes and trails for every taste and ability on the South West Coast that promise an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Bicycle routes

Find cycling routes on the west coast.

Outdoor and nature inspiration

Migratory birds in the Wadden Sea

Every autumn, winter and spring - draws up to 15 million...

The Ultimate Guide to Experiencing Black Sun in Denmark

Large swarms of starlings migrate over the Marsh especially in the spring and...

Here you can sleep in shelters

Find shelters around the entire Tønder municipality, where you can take...

Take a canoe trip in scenic Southern Jutland on Brede Å.

Discover Brede Å and Marsken from a canoe. Read more about...

Experience seals in the Wadden Sea - Denmark's largest predator.

The seals are a vital part of the ecosystem in the Wadden Sea. Here consider...

Blokarts and beach sailing - Try the eventful activity on Rømø

Beach sailing or Blokart is a sport practiced on the beach. That...

How to experience the Black Sun

You will find black sun in autumn and spring, when flocks of...

Your guide to angling on Rømø and in Tønder and surroundings.

Are you planning a holiday with angling or do you need more information...

OysterSafari: A unique coastal experience in Denmark

An oyster safari is a unique experience where you can go out...

Play golf at Rømø or at Tønder

Go on a golf experience in Rømø or in Tønder and discover...

Ruins, bunkers and excavations in the Danish borderland

Experiences that can make you wonder about the past....
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Handicap accessibility

Full accesseslightly

Level-free access, lift etc., which enable wheelchairs to get around.

Partially available

There are rooms/areas where wheelchair users cannot enter, but it is still possible to have a good experience.

Available with a helper or some walking function.

There is a step or other that means you need help in order to participate/enter.

Not available.

There is no lift, ramps or anything else that prevents wheelchairs from entering.

The accessibility assessment is based on a normal-sized wheelchair. If you use an extra-wide electric wheelchair or electric crosser, please contact the desired place of visit yourself. Likewise, there may be circumstances which mean that the availability for a period is not as described by us. A good idea is to always search for information on the website of the desired place to visit.