On Rømø and along the Waddensea

The best beaches

Rømø has many attractions that visitors can explore such as overwhelming nature, fine shopping streets, interesting museums and sought-after restaurants. The best attraction, however, is Rømø's huge sandy beaches.

Which beaches
are in the area?

The 2 most famous beaches are Lakolk and Sønderstrand also on Rømø. but there are several beaches in the area which are not so often visited, but still have a lot to offer. Other beaches you can visit are the beach at Havneby or the beach at Hjerpsted, which many people use to go for walks.

Lakolk beach (3)

The jewel of the westsea

Rømø's west coast is
sandy beach for 5 stars

Rømø Strand is best compared to flat desert, where the West sea constantly rushes in to change the landscape. the 2 beaches on Rømø are geographically connected, but you cannot drive along the beach from one to the other.

The beaches are divided by dune landscape where nature has been allowed to unfold without restriction.

Lakolk Beach

Lakolk beach is the most bathing-friendly beach, where there are often only 900 – 1000 meters from the dunes to the West Sea, which makes it the narrowest of the two. Lakolk is divided into zones, where there is both a car-free zone, a surf zone, a zone where you can let your dog walk and the largest zone where cars and bathing guests mostly move.

The beach is supervised by lifeguards in the high season and has obtained the blue beach flags.


Sønderstrand is a slightly different story than the popular bathing beach at Lakolk. Sønderstrand is less visited and has some completely different options than Lakolk. Having said that, Sønderstranden is also a fantastic bathing beach, and naturist bathing is also allowed here.

From the dunes out to the sea, the longest stretch is almost 3 km. hard sandy bottom. This provides facilities for various wind sports, where you can, among other things, come down and try some of the activities of the local wind sports schools.

Activities on the beach

On the beaches, you can experience various activities that you can also try out yourself.

Beachsailors on Sønderstrand Rømø

3 wheels and 1 large sail where everyone can join.

Segway at Lakolk

Guided segway tours are also possible.

Fly with kites

Bring your own or buy one at Lakolk

Motor festival on the beach

Rømø Motor Festival in August

Pick oysters

Oyster tours at Hjerpsted Strand

Picnic in the dunes

Find a nice place to have a picnic

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Handicap accessibility

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Partially available

There are rooms/areas where wheelchair users cannot enter, but it is still possible to have a good experience.

Available with a helper or some walking function.

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