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Your guide to angling on Rømø and in Tønder and surroundings.

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If you are planning a holiday with angling, or if you need more knowledge on how to get off with the fishing pole in southwest Jutland then read here.
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Angling in Southern Jutland

This region offers a rich variety of fishing spots, from freshwater lakes to the open sea, and is known for its unique nature and biodiversity. Here's a guide to some of the best spots and tips for angling in the area.

Important Rules and Requirements

Before you cast your line, it is important to know the local fishing regulations. In Denmark, all anglers must have a valid angler license, which can be purchased online at Day passes cost DKK 50, weekly passes DKK 140, and an annual pass can be purchased for DKK 195. Children under the age of 18 and public pensioners are exempt from this requirement. In addition, a local fishing license may be required, depending on where you wish to fish.

What species can you catch.

In Denmark, 38 species of freshwater fish are registered, which are "wild species". In salt water, 220 species have been registered, but only half spawn in Danish waters. In Danish waters, you must fish with a fishing license and in many places a fishing license from the relevant fishing association is also required.

Put & Take lakes

Around the Rømø & Tønder area there are several put & take lakes. These lakes are private and do not require a fishing license, but you must pay access to fish in the lakes. put & take lakes trout are often caught.

Rømø Fishing lake

On Rømø you can catch fish in the fishing lake at Juvre. The lake is elongated and has plenty of space to cast a line.
In the background you can see a military tower, as the fishing lake is located on the other side of a large military training area.

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Additional Activities and Attractions

The area offers more than just fishing. There is ample opportunity to experience nature and wildlife, especially birding in the Wadden Sea, which is one of the most important stops for migrating birds in Europe.

Practical information

It is recommended to check local weather conditions and water levels before fishing trips, as these can have a major impact on fishing success. Likewise, it is a good idea to visit local tourist offices or their websites for up-to-date information about the area and its facilities.

Southwest Denmark is an ideal place for anglers looking for quality time in nature and who value sustainable and responsible fishing. With a mix of challenging fishing and scenic surroundings, this area is a real gem for any angler.

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