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Experience seals in the Wadden Sea - Denmark's largest predator.

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The seals are a vital part of the Wadden Sea ecosystem. Here, their development is considered an important indicator of the condition of the Wadden Sea, as lack of food, accumulation of environmental toxins, etc. affect the stock. And of course, it's a great experience to observe the seals in their natural environment.
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The seal, the largest predator in the Waddensea

Seals are the largest predator in the entire Wadden Sea, where they are hunting fish and crayfish. The seal species, which is found in the Wadden Sea around Rømø, is mostly the small spotted seal of up to 130kg, however, you can also be lucky to catch the sight of the large gray seal, which can weigh up to 300kg, which makes it the largest predators in Denmark.

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Here you can experience seals

Most seals stay in the sea, but use sandbanks and coastal areas as resting and breeding grounds. Therefore, one can be lucky to spot a seal from the land side. But remember: Seals are wild animals.

But remember: Seals are wild animals. – Keep your distance and never touch a seal. For a seal pup, contact with humans means certain death, as the mother no longer accepts the pup.

Here you can be lucky to spot some seals:

  • Vidåslusen, here the seals sometimes come all the way to the floodgate champer.
  • Rømø harbor
  • lonely beach areas
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See a seal with guarantee ... almost always!

Spotting a seal can be a difficult task, and it always takes a lot of luck to be right there, where the seal is. 

If you want to be sure to see a seal, maybe even a lot of seals, you can take part in a seal tour from Rømø, Mandø, Ribe or from Sylt.

seal safari - black safari
seal safari - black safari

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