Forår i Sønderjylland

Oplev foråret ved Vesterhavet og Nationalpark Vadehavet

On Rømø you will find the West Sea, on the mainland you will find the Wadden Sea and The Marsh, further east you will find small cozy towns in Southern Jutland.

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Reading time: 2 Minutes Go on a joint activity with the older children in the family.

Reading time: 3 Minutes In the National Park Waddensea, you can garther your own oysters directly from the mudflats in the waddensea

Reading time: 3 Minutes Large swarms of starlings migrate over the marsh especially in spring and autumn. The birds gather in the evening before calming down and forming dark clouds in the sky. Hence “black sun”.

Reading time: 4 Minutes You have arrived in Rømø, and you now have to explore and see the island's sights and attractions...

Seize the opportunity and relax
in the Danish nature on Rømø and in western South Jutland

The nature on Rømø is as diverse as it gets. There are beaches, forests, heather fields and the North Sea that provide a fantastic backdrop for this natural beauty. The Waddensea also borders this Danish island, which makes the island a popular destination for all nature lovers.

Vandtårnet og Tønder i baggrunden - @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

Let yourself be inspired
for your next holiday.

The holiday experience is not only about the destination, but also about the journey there. The trip to Rømø is a perfect example of that. On the way to this small island located in the National Park Waddensea, you drive via the dam almost through the Waddensea and can experience the ebb and flow. 

Explore guided tours in the Wadden Sea National Park

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