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10 pictures you should capture on your vacation

Rømø's western coast, the beautiful nature of the Waddensea and the unique landscape of The Marsh are places that all have completely unique views, environments and moods that unfold beautifully in a picture. We've rounded up 10 locations that you can put on your list of photos to capture on your vacation.
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Location 1 – #RømøDam

The Rømø dam is in itself an experience to drive over, as no two trips are the same, here you experience both the tide, the wind and the sun - each season has its charm. The dam gives rise to the most beautiful pictures, as in the middle of the dam you get an unobstructed view of the fascinating Waddensea, both at low tide and high tide, where the flat landscape meets the far horizon.

Tip for the picture:
If you park on one of the rest areas, you can get a beautiful picture with the fascines in the foreground, these help to give dynamism to the picture

Sommeraften over Rømø dæmningen - @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder
Sommeraften over Rømø dæmningen - @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

Location 2 – #Dunes

At Lakolk Strand you will find the most beautiful sand dunes known from the coasts along Denmark's west coast. Capture a photo of the children playing in the sand, or perhaps a photo of the sunset over Lakolk Beach.


Tip for the picture:
Be sure to include some of the tall grass in the foreground of your photo. The sandy beach and the tall heather are basic elements of the dunes.

The dunes are slightly higher and steeper further south on the beach when coming from Lakolk.

Et par nyder en Gin & Tonic i klitter på Rømø - @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder
A couple enjoys a Gin & Tonic in the dunes on Rømø - @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

Location 3 – #BeachCar

This picture can be taken both at Lakolk Strand or Sønderstrand, but we recommend taking Sønderstrand. Here you can almost always find an area where you can't get other guests in the picture, and if you're lucky, you can also find larger puddles that give a unique reflection of the car.


Tip til turen.
Normally the beach is nice to drive on, but in the autumn/winter and parts of the spring it can be very wet on the beach, which is why you should pay attention to where you drive, as well as the tide if you park your car.

Location 4 – #DivingInTheWestsea

The family photo must also be taken, and it is definitely an option to have it taken on the beach at Lakolk. The tide pushes back and forth on the coast twice a day, which means that you can find sand flats out in the water, so it looks like you are actually "standing on the water".

During the winter period, you can find large puddles, which give rise to photos that can only be taken on this particular beach.

A winter pictures from Rømø beach - @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø @ Tønder

Location 5 – #Nightsky

This image is possibly the hardest on the list to find. It requires patience, cloudless skies and complete darkness. However, if you have these three things in place, you can, with a long shutter speed and possibly a little post-editing, capture a completely unique image of our starry sky above Rømø.

On Rømø there is, in most places, so little light from cities or other disturbing sources that you can see the most beautiful constellation in the sky.

Tip for the picture:
In order to get a good picture, it is a good idea to have a tripod or something else to hold the camera completely still, as you are forced to use a long shutter speed on the camera.

We recommend starting with a shutter speed of 8 sec. as the stars also move slowly across the sky and we want to get as clear a picture of them as possible without it looking like they are moving.

Use the lowest ISO possible without the image becoming too dark.

Location 6 – #MarshTower

One of the most photogenic sights is clearly the new MarshTower that opened in 2021. Here you can both take a photo from the nearby areas up towards the tower, but of course also a photo from the top of the tower beyond The Marsh.

Tip til et billede:
On the way up the tower, you have to walk on some large steps. These steps give a very special expression if you are looking for a portrait picture. Therefore, take the picture with a pose on the steps.

Familie på Marsk Tower - @Jacob Gosch - GotFat Productions

Location 7 – #TrøjborgRuin

A location that is not visited often, but which has its right to be on this list.

Trøjborg Slots Ruin is an old castle from the 14th century, which today stands as a beautifully well-preserved ruin. The castle has its own moat with associated bridge over it.

The ruin has been the theme of many wedding photographs, and has always been known by the locals as a small wonder in the middle of the Southern Jutland landscape.

Tip for the picture:
Place your family, or another subject, in the middle of the bridge, then take the photo with the subject centered in the image. This gives a nice dynamic with the bridge in the foreground and the ruin in the background.

Trøjborg Slotsruin @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

Location 8 – #DykesAtHøjer

Something completely unique to the area around Marsken and by the Waddensea are the long dykes that protect against the tides and storm surges. On top of these dykes you can get a beautiful landscape view with the dykes in the centre, where you can very visually see the border between the Wadden Sea and the Marsh.

Tip for the picture:
You can take the picture from the lookout platform at Højer Sluse.

Ballum sluse - @Jacob Gosch - GotFat Productions

Location 9 – #Tønder

Visit one of Tønder's oldest streets, Uldgade. Here you will find old buildings and cobblestones, which give an idyllic look. The possibilities are many, but you must remember to respect people's privacy as the houses are privately owned.

Uldgade i morgenstunden - @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

Location 10 – #BorderToGermany

I Rudbøl findes der en grænsesten lagt i asfalten, denne indikerer grænsen mellem Danmark og Tyskland. Den lille sten er sjov, da man tydeligt kan placere en fod i Tyskland og en fod i Danmark.

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