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4 hours on Rømø

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If you only have 4 hours to Rømø on your journey, we have found excellent visits before the trip continues.
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First stop – Nature Center Tønnisgård.

Here you can learn about the Waddensea, the beach, whaling and much more. You can read, listen, feel and pull things and get smarter along the way.
Tønnisgård also offers many guided tours and activities for the whole family.

Availability: Partially (inquire more from Tønnisgård regarding events and tours)

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Second stop – Sct. Clement's Church.s

Inside the church there are eight model ships, which are an expression of the great importance seafaring has had for the island.
The altar, the chandeliers and the hat hooks tell of the wealth that was on the island in connection with whaling and sealing in the Arctic Ocean, and a memorial plaque points to the losses the island suffered in connection with the First World War.
The island's church is open daily for tourists between 8.00 – 16.00 except for church services.

Availability: Partially

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Third stop - Lakolk Shopping Center.

Here you will find everything from shops, restaurants to ice cream cafes.
On selected days, the children can shape their own lollipop at Rømø Bolsjeri and Ice Café. At Rømø Light you can buy souvenirs and Christmas decorations, Ms. Dax is known for delicious old-fashioned waffle ice cream and a huge shooting star.

Lakolk Shopping center

Fourth stop - Lakolk Beach

The beach is one of Northern Europe's widest sandy beaches, and you are welcome to drive right down to the water's edge in your car. However, we would recommend that regardless of the weather, you get out of the car and go for a walk along the water. It cannot be described how magnificent it is to see sand and water as far as the eye can see.

Availability: Yes (as it is possible to drive the car right down to the water's edge)

Lakolk beach

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