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7 festivals and events you must experience

Southern Jutland is packed with experiences and especially in and around Rømø & Tønder. We have collected 7 events or festivals that you must experience in southwest Jutland.
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Oyster Festival (Cancelled 2023)

The festival is a tribute to the oyster, which over the past decade has become a recognized delicacy. At the festival, you can experience famous chefs competing in several disciplines, all of which have the oyster as the main ingredient.

The festival is a food universe where you can be allowed to taste all sorts of ways to cook an oyster.

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Denmark's oyster festival
@Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

Tønder Festival

Tønder Festival is one of the oldest and largest events in Tønder Municipality. The festival takes place in the heart of Tønder, where several large and small stages are set up on the festival site.

The music is Folk music, jazz, blues, country music.

Next to the festival site, you can camp with your own trailer, or rent glamping, etc. The whole thing is a big festival campsite that has its own atmospheric life with eateries, bar tents etc.

In the 4 days leading up to the festival, exciting tours are planned so that you can experience more of the area. The program is published around March, after which tickets go on sale at 

During the festival, the whole city buzzes, there is both partying in the streets as well as on smaller stages around the city with live music.

To participate in the festival area, you must buy a ticket.

@Tønder Festival
@Tønder Festival

Dragefestival på Rømø – 1. til 3. September

Rømø Dragon Festival is held at Lakolk Beach, where there is more than enough space for the many thousands of participants who go to the beach to share a wonderful weekend with other kites interested. 

The festival offers competitions and the beautiful night flight with kites.

It's free to be a spectator and it's always a sure hit with the kids.

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@Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder
@Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

Rømø Motorfestival – dato ukendt endnu

Rømø Motorfestival is held every year on Lakolk Strand, and attracts car enthusiasts from all over the world to Rømø. At the Festival, races are run with cars and motorcycles that must not be newer than from 1947.

The main event is of course the race on the beach, where several thousand guests watch. 
If you would like to go to Lakolk and experience the event, we recommend that you leave home early. The fastest way over the dam to the beach is by bicycle.

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Rømø motorfestival

Sønderjysk Kagefestival – 29. april

In April, the Sønderjysk Cake Festival is held in the middle of Tønder's beautiful pedestrian street. The festival offers plenty of tastings from the many exhibitors on the pedestrian street during the festival.

The main event is of course when to vote Danish championship in Brödtort

Buy your tickets here ..

Photo: Ulrik Pedersen, Tøndermarsk Initiative.
Photo: Ulrik Pedersen, Tøndermarsk Initiative.

Smag på Marsken – 23. september

Smag på Marsken is a food festival where raw materials from the marsh area are used in various dishes. At the festival you can taste the many different dishes and even buy ingredients to take home for use in your own kitchen.

Taste of the Marsh is held in Højer, and attracts people from near and far to celebrate the unique ingredients the Marsh gives us.

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@Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder
@Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

Masker i Marsken – 27. til 29. oktober

Denmark's new knitting festival - Masks in the Marsh

Masker, mindfulness og Marsken hænger sammen i skøn forening, når alle strikkeres drøm om en fantastisk festival går i opfyldelse fra fredag den 27. til søndag den 29. oktober.

Knitting clears the brain, stabilizes blood pressure and prevents stress. It is widely known and so it is a wonderful hobby that unites young and old. Masks in Marsken take place in and around Tøndermarsken, primarily in Højer and Ballum, but there will also be activities and events in Tønder, Skærbæk and Løgumkloster.

You buy a partout or day ticket, and then you can buy tickets for workshops and lectures, for example a combined lecture/workshop on craft psychology by artisan, needlework teacher and psychologist Anne Kirketerp, who explains why you feel so good when you knit. Or a workshop with Lærke Bagger, who is known for tying knots and using lots of yarn scraps in his designs. You can also participate in morning yoga and morning singing, go on a yarn-tastic experience among the many exhibitor stands, rest your legs in knitting salons and much, much more.

Watch the big program and buy tickets

@Lars Detlef - Masker i Marsken
@Lars Detlef - Masker i Marsken

Kick Tires – Every Wednesday from May to September

Kick Tires is, as many people know, a meeting where everyone who likes to talk about cars, motorcycles, and everything that has wheels. Maybe you can even show what you have parked in your garage.

Everyone is welcome to the event even if you are just there to see the many beautiful vehicles.

Every Wednesday from May to September there will be Spark Dæk, and there is almost always a chance to buy a cold beer or soft drink.

Arrangementet afholdes på markedspladsen i Løgumkloster med start ca. kl. 18.00.


@Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder
@Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

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