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Unique accommodation in south-western South Jutland

Along the south-western coast of Southern Jutland there are many scenic areas which are perfect destinations for those looking for a quieter and nature-based holiday. There are many unique places to stay, ranging from organic farms to small guesthouses and even eco-friendly hotels and starling hotels.
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Stærehotel - @Sæd-Ubjerg
Stærehotel - @Sæd-Ubjerg

Starling hotel

Imagine an original two-story shelter with windows. On the first floor you will find a room to spend the night in, and on the ground floor there is a living room. When the weather permits, you can enjoy your food on the associated terrace.

You can actually call it a luxury shelter, where you get the same outdoor experience, only here with more space for the family.

The star hotel is 2.1 m x 2.1 m and 4.2 m high. Accommodation can be ordered by email: and costs DKK 100 per person. person per Sleepover.

Location: Sæd-Ubjerg
GPS: 54°54’51.6″N 8°54’29.2″E

Flytbar shelters - @Gammelby Action
Flytbar shelters - @Gammelby Action

Mobile Shelters

A mobile shelter has wheels and can be placed exactly where you want it. The shelter is a luxury version with electricity, as well as a cover for the entrance so that you are sheltered.

On the shelter there is also a wilderness bath with associated firewood, so you can enjoy a hot bath.

The mobile shelter is driven out to the desired location by a tractor.

Order by contacting Gammelby Action on tel. no.: 24 64 15 93 or via email to

Photo: Ulrik Pedersen, Tøndermarsk Initiative. The image may be used in connection with mention of Tøndermarsken and / or the Tøndemarsk Initiative.
Photo: Ulrik Pedersen, Tøndermarsk Initiative. The image may be used in connection with mention of Tøndermarsken and / or the Tøndemarsk Initiative.

360 degree shelters in Marsken

The standard for shelters has been raised a level here with the new 360 degree shelters, which can rotate on their own axis. This function makes it possible to always lie in shelter when you spend the night in these in nature. The shelters are located at the Lægan Pump Station, in Møgeltønder and at Emmerlev Klev.

Use to book your shelter.

Genz apartments

In the 70s, a designer hotel was built on Rømø with a very special architecture. For nearly 50 years, this hotel has welcomed guests from all over the world, who have all experienced and admired the unique shape of this hotel.

If you visit Genz Apartments today, you will experience it as stepping into a time warp, where the furniture and the interior still exude a 70s atmosphere in just the right way. The hotel is located in the middle of the most beautiful nature on Rømø, where heather and plantations surround the area.

Inside you will also find a pool, sauna and activities for children and young people.

Book at

Småfolksvej 10, 6792 Rømø

Dyr på Hohenwarte
Dyr på Hohenwarte

Hohenwarte farm holiday

Live on one of the old farms in Højer. Hohenwarte is located at the gate to the Wadden Sea, and you are within walking distance of the locks in Højer, but this is not what makes Hohenwarte a unique accommodation. The difference is to be found in the farm's stables and in the fields, where you can really feel and experience the farmhouse idyll. All guests are welcome in the stables and at the enclosures, where many different animals like, donkeys, raccoons, horses, goats, woolly minnows, llamas and many more.

Read a lot more about the place or book via their website here:

Siltoftvej 2, 6280 Højer

Halmhuset ved Sovgodt8 - @Sovgodt8
Halmhuset ved Sovgodt8 - @Sovgodt8


At Sovgodt8 there is a so-called straw house, which is built in a special sustainable way, where the walls are insulated with straw. This building style is especially used in Africa.

The house has room for 8 people and has everything you need with its own bathroom, kitchen and living room. The place is located in the small town of Sæd just outside Tønder on the border between Germany and Denmark.


Grænsevej 8, 6270 Tønder

Glamping telt hos Marskcamp - @Marskcamp
Glamping telt hos Marskcamp - @Marskcamp

Glamping Marsk Camp

Combine an outdoor experience with luxury accommodation in glamping tents. Basically, it is an overgrown tent with a fixed floor, a real bed and a terrace with its own garden furniture.

The tents have room for a family of 6 people, so there is plenty of room for everyone.

The glamping tents are part of Marsk Camp, where, among other things, Marsk Tower also stands.

Skærbæk. Hjemstedvej 60, 6780 Skærbæk

Safari telte hos Ballum Camping - @Ballum Camping

Safari tents Ballum Camping

You don't have to go to Africa to experience a real safari tent, in fact with a view over the Wadden Sea, you can live in Southern Jutland in a real safari tent with a wooden floor. The tent has room for 4-6 people and has a kitchen unit with a stove and a grill, as well as everything you need in the tent to live there.

Vadehavsbyen Ballum, Kystvej 37, 6261 Bredebro

klægager - Live on an old farm

In 2017, Klægager was named Denmark's most beautiful farm, which the farm is undoubtedly entitled to. Klægager is a four-lane farm, with a large courtyard in the middle. The farm dates from 1857 and is very well maintained, in connection with the restoration, the classic style has been preserved throughout the farm.  

Klægager offers rooms in the B&B concept, where you can also often make a good deal about dinner with the house's hosts. 

If you move outside the farm, you will experience the impressive view over Marsken, and on good days you can see all the way to Esbjerg, which is a full 45 km away. thence as the crow flies.

Østerende 13, 6261 Bredebro

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