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Group trip to Rømø & Tønder.

If you are planning a trip for a larger group to visit Rømø & Tønder, you can use this guide to get informed.
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Are you going on a trip or holiday to Rømø or the Tønder area with a larger group, such as your school, your company or maybe you just have a large family where everyone needs to be able to be under the same roof and go on adventures together, preparations are important for a good holiday.

Through this article, you will be a little better equipped with inspiration for a good holiday.

Accommodation for larger groups

Accommodation is first and foremost the most important thing to clarify, and sometimes also the most difficult to find for groups of over 20 people.

In Rømø & Tønder there are various options where you can spend the night. 

On Rømø there are many summer houses, and some of them can accommodate many people at once. We recommend contacting one of our holiday home agency directly to hear about the options:

Below you will find additional accommodation options that are not holiday homes.

Activities for larger groups

Around the south-west Jutland countryside you can go on various experiences, all of which are suitable for larger groups. We have collected many of those experiences below.

Guided tours

Depending on which season you visit the area, you can go on various guided tours around the Rømø & Tønder area.

  1. Oyster trips (autumn, winter and spring activity)
  2. Sort Sol ( efterår og forår)
  3. Bunker trips
  4. sank Tours


A good activity for all types of groups. The sailing takes place on Brede Å, and it is possible to sail up to 35 km., which corresponds to 2 days of sailing. However, most people choose to sail the trip of 7 or 14 km.

Beach sailor

At Sønderstrand, Rømø, as a larger group, you can book several beach sailors or blokarts, where a course in the use of the equipment is included. The beach sailing school can also often help arrange other activities on the beach if you want to spend more hours outdoors.

Self-selected guided tours

Some of the local guides can be booked to give a guided tour on request. eg. if you want a tailor-made trip in the Wadden Sea/Marsken or on Rømø, you can make a request to one of the guides.

List of guides coming soon

Day trip to Sylt

Take one on a day trip with the Sylt ferry and back again. The ferry sails up to 32 times per day, and the ferry crossing takes about 40 minutes. so there is plenty of opportunity to go exploring on the neighboring German island.

Buy tickets to the ferry

Segway activity

In the summertime, you can rent segways from Rømø Legeland in the Lakolk shopping center. From here, the trip goes on to discover around the island.

Read more about segways here..

Gammelby Actionpark

An action park that can only be booked as part of an event. Activities include, among many other things, a Bocart track with double and single bocarts, tractor ring riding and many more fun activities.

Read more about Gammelby Actionpark here..

Total package solution for larger groups

Complete package solution for larger In several places you can buy complete package solutions where the host has already determined some activities for the event. If you want it a little differently, you can enter into a dialogue with an organizer, who will then help put some activities together for a group.groups

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