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Camping and motorhome pitches in the Wadden Sea National Park

The National Park Waddensea is known for being a wonderful destination with motorhomes and caravans. That's why we've put together a list of places to visit with your favorite house on wheels.

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National Park Waddensea as your destination

Up along the west coast of southern Jutland you will find the Wadden Sea National Park. A unique natural area which opens up with the enormous expanses, and views that naturally appear with a landscape that is almost completely flat.

For many, this is a perfect place to experience the freedom of a motorhome or a caravan, as there is always a rest area, a vantage point or an attraction where you can just take an eventful break from the road.

Especially for Rømø & Tønder, is the varying landscape that changes within just a few kilometers of distance. You can live close to the Waddensea's tides, which move back and forth twice a day. In Mash's lush landscape, or near Rømø's huge sandy beaches.

Motorhome campsites

Motorhome campsites are a great way to explore the world. They are especially popular in Europe, where they provide a perfect opportunity to see some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world.

They give you the chance to experience a destination in a different way. You do not have to stay in a hotel, in a holiday home or on the traditional campsites. You can just park, relax, enjoy the surroundings of the motorhome site and then explore the area whenever you want.

Marsk Camp

Motorhome pitch which opened in 2021 as part of the new Marsk Camp and Marsk Tower. The place is a modern motorhome pitch, with everything you need, and is beautifully located in the Marsh.


The oasis is located on the southern part of Rømø, and is again a motorhome site with relatively top notch. It is not possible to reserve a seat in advance, but there are a total of 200 seats available, so there is often a good chance of getting a seat.

Motorhome and camping pitches

A holiday with a caravan is a fantastic way to experience the natural beauty in the Wadden Sea National Park, on Rømø and in Marsken. Holidays in caravans or tents are a perfect solution for those who want to go on holiday, where you can move according to your own needs and pace.

On Rømø, in Arrild and Tønder you have family campsites where everything you need is within the campsite area. Most campsites also have dedicated motorhome pitches for their guests arriving in a motorhome.


Arrild Camping

The campsite is part of Arrild Ferieby, which is a common name for an area centered around tourism. In the resort you will find, among other things, a fishing lake, a large swimming pool, playgrounds and restaurants.

Romo Family Camping

Rømø Familie Camping is a campsite on the northern part of the island Rømø. The campsite is very child-friendly and has, among other things, a mini golf course.

Ballum Camping

Ballum Camping is the campsite closest to the Wadden Sea, in fact you can see the Wadden Sea from your caravan.

Tønder Camping

In Tønder there is of course also a campsite, here you live a short distance to both attractions, restaurants, activities for children and shopping opportunities.

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