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Sights on Rømø & in Tønder

Rømø has many attractions for visitors to explore, such as sandy beaches, forests and birdlife. At Tønder you will find Shackenborg Castle and churches to explore as well as many shops and restaurants to visit.

  • Marsh Tower

    The Marsk Tower is the meeting point for the entire Marsk Camp, here everyone is welcome to take a walk up and admire the spectacular view. When you have climbed 146 steps,

  • data-trp-post-id='441'>Rømødæmning

    The Rømø dam is a 9.2 km long road dam that connects Rømø with the mainland at Skærbæk in Southern Denmark. They started building it as early as 1938, as an employment project, but due to World War II....

  • Lakolk Beach

    Lakolk Beach is the most visited beach on Rømø. Here you will find the soft sand right down to the water's edge, and shallow bathing water far from the coast.

  • Kommandørgården

    The National Museum's Kommandørgård is one of Rømø's rich old family farms - fully furnished in both living and dining areas. The farm's wealth and magnificent interiors are a clear expression of the large incomes,

  • The floodgates in Højer

    Farthest to the west lies the flat marsh landscape and the Waddensea. Here there are vast expanses and a horizon so endless that you can come to feel quite small. Wadden Sea...

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