Autumn on the South West Coast

Experience autumn by the North Sea and Wadden Sea National Park

Closed to Rømø you find the North Sea, closed to the mainland the Wadden Sea and the Marshlands and on the mainland small cozy towns in Sønderjylland.

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Reading time: 4 Minutes An Oyster Safari is a unique experience where you can go out on the mudflats and pick oysters, while tasting the Muddy Sea's boldest produce. It is a popular activity in the coastal area at Rømø and Højer, where oysters are part of the local culture. and gastronomy. You do not need to have experience with oysters to participate, as the guides will give a thorough introduction and take care of the safety procedures.

Reading time: 5 Minutes Large swarms of starlings migrate over the marsh especially in spring and autumn. The birds gather in the evening before calming down and forming dark clouds in the sky. Hence “black sun”.

Reading time: 3 Minutes As a tourist in Tønder, there are some things that you just have to see and experience. In this guide you will find 7 attractions in Tønder city center, which will definitely enrich your visit to Tønder.

Reading time: 3 Minutes Explore charming landscapes, exciting activities and beautiful autumn colors in Southwest Jutland. Plan your autumn holiday for 2023 now!

Tøndermarsken In Southern Jutland Experience Tøndermarsken's enormous man-made design Denmark's largest continuous meadow area. Originally, Marsken was a marine foreland, which was formed by tidal deposits, but through encroachment and drainage large

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The holiday experience is not only about the destination, but also about the journey there. The trip to Rømø is a perfect example of that. On the way to this small island located in the National Park Waddensea, you drive via the dam almost through the Waddensea and can experience the ebb and flow. 

Statues of historical figures in Tønder

Reading time: 4 Minutes In Tønder you can today see various statues of people who have had a special significance throughout history.

1 day in Løgumkloster

Reading time: 7 Minutes Use a single day in the southern City of Løgumkloster with historical and nature-rich experiences.

Play golf at Rømø or at Tønder

Reading time: 3 Minutes Go on a golf experience at Rømø or in Tønder and discover 1 of the 2 fantastic courses on the southwest west coast of Denmark.

Waddensea oysters in the Waddensea National Park – a unique taste experience

Reading time: 3 Minutes In the National Park Waddensea, you can garther your own oysters directly from the mudflats in the waddensea

Building culture in the old trading town of Tønder

Reading time: 5 Minutes Find out more about Tønder's completely unique building culture.

1 day on Rømø

Reading time: 4 Minutes You have arrived in Rømø, and you now have to explore and see the island's sights and attractions...

Seize the opportunity and relax
in the Danish nature on Rømø and in western South Jutland

The nature on Rømø is as diverse as it gets. There are beaches, forests, heather fields and the North Sea that provide a fantastic backdrop for this natural beauty. The Waddensea also borders this Danish island, which makes the island a popular destination for all nature lovers.

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