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  • Accommodation Tønder

    When you need to find a place to have a base when you are on holiday in the city of Tønder, there are plenty of different options, whether it should be cheap accommodation in Tønder or whether it should be a hotel in Tønder, there are options and price ranges for everyone.

    Hotels in Tønder

    Finding a place to stay in Tønder is actually quite easy. First you have to decide how you want to live. If you want to stay in a hotel where you can for both breakfast and dinner, then a hotel is like Tønderhus or Hostrups Hotel. 

    Bed and Breakfast Tønder

    If you want to find cheap accommodation in Tønder, then you can try bed and breakfast in Tønder, where you get a good bed at a good price, including you can e.g. mention places like Sovgodt8.

    Camping and Motorhome pitches

    in the area around Tønder and on Rømø you will find lots of different campsites and motorhome pitches. Some of the pitches can be booked before arrival and some can only be reserved on arrival, and these are often the motorhome pitches.

    On Rømø you will find these places:

    In Tønder and surroundings you will find:

    Accommodation Rømø

    An overnight stay on Rømø means unique nature, cozy surroundings and beaches with space for everyone. when you go hunting for an overnight stay on Rømø, you must be aware of whether you want to be within walking distance to the beach, as you should then book a holiday home in the area that lies up the dunes south of Lakolk, it is less important to be able to go to the beach, but maybe you want good facilities such as wellness, restaurants or golf course, then it could be a better idea to live close to the port city which is located on the southern part of the island Rømø.

    Holiday home Rømø

    On Rømø there are many holiday homes, to be able to book a holiday home, you must contact one of the many holiday home agencies such as:

    Holiday homes on Rømø are spread all over the island, some are very small and others are luxury holiday homes. Common to them all is that the unique nature is right outside the doorstep.

    Hotels Rømø

    Enjoy good facilities and lots of helpful staff at one of the hotels or in a holiday center. on the island you can find Genz apartments or Hotel Lakolk.

    Holiday centers Rømø

    Holiday centers on Rømø are of a special caliber, among which you will find Enjoy Resort and Hotel Commander's Farm. In both places you will find wellness areas, pool and restaurant. The bed is located in the holiday apartment or hotel rooms.

    Especially for Enjoy Resort you will find an 18-hole golf course, which is extremely well maintained and regularly hosts major tournaments.

    At Hotel Kommemanggården you will find, as something completely unique, an Icelandic center where you can go out and try riding an Icelander.

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