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City life and culture

A visit to Tønder city is a must for anyone who wants to experience Danish culture. This small town has many exciting things to offer and is a good place to experience the Danish lifestyle.

  • Tønder pedestrian street

    Østergade, Torvet, Storegade and Vestergade together form Tønders Gågade in the city centre. At the same time, Gågaden and its side roads are Tønder's old town, where you will find cozy shops, cafés and restaurants in historic

  • Tønder Christ Church

    Before the Reformation, the image of the church in Tønder was a different, somewhat more colorful image than the one we know today. In addition to the churches St. Lawrence and St. Nicolai (Christ Church's predecessor), became the ecclesiastical

  • Schackenborg Castle

    When you enter the castle square at Schackenborg Castle or take a walk in the beautiful castle park, you are walking in footsteps that stretch back a thousand years and...

  • data-trp-post-id='375'>Løgumcloster Church

    History The monastery was founded in 1173 by Cistercian monks at Brede Å. Throughout the Middle Ages, the town of Løgumkloster grew up under the shelter of a monastery and church. The monastery was closed down in 1548. The place of...

  • Museum Sønderjylland – The art museum in Tønder

    The Art Museum in Tønder shows special exhibitions of Northern European art from approx. 1880 to the present day. The museum also shows special exhibitions with works from the rich design tradition in the Nordics. All exhibitions are presented...

    Inspiration for trips

    Culture in the old tradeing town of Tønder

    Tønder city lies on the border of the Tønder Marsh and has a population of around 7,500 people. the city is already mentioned in the 12th century and is an old tradeing town with many historic buildings. The best-known landmark in Tønder town is the Christ Church and, which can be dated back to before the 16th century and is still today one of Denmark's most beautiful churches.

    The art museum, which also belongs to Tønder, houses one of Denmark's great art exhibitions with Nordic art. It includes works by Danish artists such as Hans. J. Wegner, who is world famous for his furniture design.

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