Waddensea Lamb, a local specialty produced in the Waddensea

Waddensea lamb is a local specialty that can be tasted in selected places in the Wadden Sea area.
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What is Waddensea Lam?

Waddensea lamb is fundamentally a lamb that has grazed in the Waddensea area, you will be able to see these lambs, among other things, when you drive over the Rømø dam, or you are in the Wadden Sea area close to the coast. The sheep and lambs often go on the side of the dyke where the Waddensea is, as these areas cannot be used for crops or other animals that are larger and heavier.

The little lambs graze on the dry plains, where the many different herbs and special types of grass grow in the salty water. The salty water gives the plants a salty composition, which the lambs eat.

Wadden sea mud grazing near the dyke - @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder
Waddensea lamb grazing near the dyke - @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

A unique taste

Because the lambs eat the salty herbs and grasses, the lamb gets a very special spicy taste due to the salty food. It's not just the salted water that gives the lambs a high-quality taste, in fact there are several factors that come into play.

The Waddensea can sometimes be a tough environment to live in as a lamb, therefore it requires that the lambs get a lot more to eat, as well as more attention from their mother. This is a characteristic that the various breeds of lamb in the Waddensea have acquired, which results in the lamb having more muscle mass and less fat.

Top animal welfare

One thing you can be sure of when you eat waddensea lamb is that the lambs have had a good life. The lambs have had huge spaces to frolic in, which means plenty of stimulation and enough food for all the animals.

The Waddensea lambs are bred by families who have lived in the Waddensea area for many generations, and thus many years of experience in breeding in the most efficient and animal-friendly way.

The marsh on the southern side of the dyke - @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder.
The marsh on the southern side of the dyke - @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder.

Disagreement among the locals

As always, there will be a natural conflict when there are many suppliers of the same product. This is also the case in the Wadden Sea area, where you can often hear different opinions about whether a lamb is a genuine Waddensea lamb.

A good idea is to ask about the food that is served when you order Waddensea Lamb. You can often get a good story from the chef, for example where the lamb comes from and why the chef bought it from there.

Here you can experience Waddensea Lamb.

You can get the Waddensea lamb in various places in the area around the Waddensea, e.g. you can buy meat directly from the producers, or from the Rømø butcher who makes different preparations of the lamb.

At some selected restaurants, you may be lucky that Waddensea lamb is on the menu when there is a season for slaughtering, which is around September – November.

We can recommend checking these restaurants to see if they have lamb on the menu during the exact period when you are visiting the Waddensea area:

Rack of lamb at Rømø Slagteren. - @Rømø the butcher
Rack of lamb at Rømø Slagteren. - @Rømø the butcher

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