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As a tourist in Tønder there are some things that you just have to see and experience. In this guide you will find 7 attractions in central Tønder which will certainly enrich your visit to Tønder.

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En dag i Tønder

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A route in Tønder

Attractions in Tønder

På kortet finder du en lille rute i Tønder indre by. På ruten kommer du forbi 6 seværdigheder, som er godt besøgt af turister fra nær og fjern.

Turen er på gå-ben og tager omkring 2-4 timer, alt efter hvor længe man bruger på hver destination. Gå-distancen er kun 900 meter i alt, så alle – både unge og gamle – kan være med.

The route can be downloadet to your mobile, so you can easily follow it on your phone through Google maps. 

Further down the guide you will find a systematic review of stories and tales about all the different destinations.

Destination 1


A church in the middle of Tønder

  • Mon - Sat: 10 am to 4 pm
  • Free access

Tønder Kristkirke som den står idag, er bygget oven på forgængeren, Sct. Nikolais Kirke. Forgængeren blev bygget i 1300-tallet og blev nedrevet i 1591, hvor den nuværende kirke i dag står.

Selvom man byggede en ny kirke, valgte man at bibeholde kirketårnet samt vestgavlen, som blev bygget i 1520. Derfor er tårnet ældre end kirken selv.

Tønder Christ Church's inventory

Christ Church in Tønder is one of the churches in Denmark that is richest in old furniture. This is due to the abundant wealth that existed in the area from the 16th to 17th centuries. The wealth came from trade in grain, Stude and the large lace industry. The inventory tells a powerful and clear story about the area that once surrounded Tønder. 

Destination 2


A lifestyle store one does not forget

  • Mon - Fri: 10 am - 5:30 pm
  • Sat - Sun: 10 AM TO 6 PM
  • Store

A special store

at the pharmacy you can find different quality crafts and gift ideas of the best quality on the shelves. We find the best and most unique products at many different suppliers. In the shop in Tønder we have a large assortment of utility art, with a touch of hygge, nostalgia and romance. So come in and see the many beautiful and new items. 

Destination 3


One of Tonder's finest old houses.

  • Mon - Fri: 11 am-5pm
  • Museum - Paid access

Take a trip back to another time

A special conservation work

Drøhse's house is one of the most beautifully preserved old houses in Tønder. The house is located in the middle of the pedestrian street and tells a story about the Baroque, as well as about the time's craftsmanship of lace for which Tønder is known.

Kniplingene stammer tilbage fra 1500-tallet, og omkring 1700-tallet var det en stor industri i Tønder, hvor man mener, at der har været op mod 1200 kniplinge-piger, der boede i området omkring Tønder.

Today, Drøhse's house is a museum, with an interesting shop, where can buy lace and lace equipment. 

The Baroque House is a beautiful and atmospheric house, with many details and building craftsmanship of the highest quality. It is therefore an important part of the Tønder area's business history as well as a must-see when visiting the pedestrian zone of the city. 

Destination 4


a concentration of art

  • Always open
  • Old street

The rich got to Storegade and the craftsmen got to Uldgade

Distinctive houses and a preserved cobblestone road

there is two theories about the name Uldgade. The first theory is based on the fact that in ancient times woolen goods were transported to the vidå through this street and hence the name. The second theory is that the street name is up to the German word wolf and translated to Danish: ulv.

Uldgade was once a street where the city's craftsmen lived. For that reason, you see the special style of building with narrow, elongated houses - often with a gable facing the street and with beautiful ornate doors, each of which is unique.

Destination 5


a concentration of art

  • Altid åbent
  • Old street

15 beautiful sculptures

A garden for tourists and locals

In 2008 it was decided to form an art committee to decorate the city. Their initial capital was 75,000 kroner and has since grown to million-class values, which can be found around the city.

The sculpture garden is a gathering place for art sculptures and involves 15 sculptures. 

Destination 6


Art, Wegner & The Water Tower

An inspiring place

The place where you can experience Wegner

The Tønder Art Museum showcases Nordic art from the 20th and 21st centuries with changing exhibitions and in addition to the Nordic art, you can experience the world famous furniture architect Hans J. Wegner. 


The Water Tower

Wegner exhibition

The water tower is today designed as a museum for the famous furniture architect Hans J. Wegner's chair gift in 1995. The gift consists of the 37 chairs that he thought would best represent his design in the birth town of Tønder.

From the Water Tower there is a view of the entire Tønder area.


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