Rømø dam

The fastest and easiest route to Rømø, opened in 1948, is the most popular way to get to Rømø.

Rømø dam is a high dam, which makes it not flooded like the road to Mandø. So the dam is always passable, unless there is a heavy storm, it has only happened 3 times during the dam, where the water was above 5 meters higher than normal.

There are 9.2 kilometers across the dam, on the 9.2 kilometers there are 3 places that can be used to enjoy the view and bird life in the National Park Wadden Sea.

On a regular summer day up to 10,000 cars drive over the Rømø dam to get to the beautiful beach.

Driving at the dam is quite free, so there is no excuse not to come to Rømø.

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