Touch or turn phone number 112 (call from phone book is free) and call police, ambulance or fire department.

If you need to report a crime where no emergency treatment is required, call 114.


I Danmark sker salg af de fleste lægemidler på apotekerne, men visse håndkøbslægemidler kan dog også købes på godkendte salgssteder i detailhandelen.  Apotekerne i Danmark har normalt åbent fra 9:30 – 17:30 mandag til torsdag, fredag lidt længere og lørdag fra 10:00 til 13:00. Derudover holder en stribe udvalgte apoteker landet over åbent døgnet rundt.

Animals in need

In Denmark, the animal protection organization Animal Protection helps all animals in need.

If you find an animal in the wild or otherwise see animals that need help, call the Animal Protection Center 1812. The emergency center can be contacted 24 hours a day and all weekdays.

The animals’ protection has 12 animal nights and 13 wildlife stations distributed throughout the country. You can not just deliver animals to internates or wildlife stations, as it requires that you call 1812 first. The Monitoring Center assesses what should happen and what actions must be taken to help the animal.

Lost and Found

If you lose luggage or anything else during your stay in Denmark, please contact the local trustee office.

If you have lost luggage or anything else during your transport to or in Denmark, please contact the carrier you have used.

Hospitals and emergency rooms

You are entitled to free emergency treatment at a hospital or emergency room in case of sudden illness, accident or sudden deterioration of chronic illness during your vacation in Denmark.

The right to treatment ceases when you can withstand being transported to your home country, and any home transport is done at your own expense.

In all cases, it is a prerequisite for free treatment that the patient has not come to Denmark to be treated.

Medical Help

You can get medical care all over the country by contacting the nearest GP who is in agreement with the health insurance, during his consultation period. If you receive emergency medical attention outside of the opening hours, you can contact the medical officer .

If you are covered by public health insurance in another EEA country (ie EU countries, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) or Switzerland, you are entitled to the healthcare needed during your stay in Denmark.


If you need urgent dental treatment, any dentist who is in agreement with the health insurance can be contacted. The local tourist office can also help find a local dentist urgently.

Outside normal consultation time, contact the Dentist. You can find the nearest dentist / dentist at the Dental Association’s website .