Birding Tour

165, - DKK

Go'nat Big Owl

March 4th, the trip goes out into the wild to find the rare horned owl!

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165, - DKK

Eagle Safari

Take in the National Park and experience the eagles of Denmark very close!

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from 185,- DKK

Trane Safari

Meet one of the Wadden Sea's 5 largest animals and experience crane dancing "live".

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175, - DKK

White sun

Discover one of Eurpa's largest swan flocks.
NB. Only 2 dates all year!

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450, - DKK

Day trip - Hallig Südfall Birdwatching

Day trip with focus on birds.

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From 120, - DKK

Bird walk + Southern Jutland coffee table

Experience the birds in the Wadden Sea + coffee table

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330, - DKK

Day trip - Hallig Oland Birdwatching

A day trip to Hallig Oland with a focus on birds

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From 165, - DKK

Day trip to Hamburg Hallig

Day trip with focus on birds.

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250, - DKK

Bird watching + lunch

Watch birds and get youself a great lunch

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