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Sights and experiences for children at Rømø & Tønder

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Fun and active nature experience with wind in the sails, for the whole family and always with skilled instructors.

They can drive pretty fast, up to 70 km/h on the windiest days.

Typically, it does not take longer than 10-15 minutes to become a blockchain driver and therefore children from 6 - 8 years of age are able to drive alone. If you have smaller children, it is possible to drive a tandem, so you drive 2 people together.

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@Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder
@Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

Rømø Playland at Lakolk

The playground on Rømø can be found at the popular shopping center at Lakolk. The playground is outdoors and is open during the summer season, where the playground is filled with large bouncy castles, slides, obstacles and trampolines. For the very little ones, there are also smaller bouncy castles where they can tumble.

For the slightly older children, it is possible to go on Segway tours, which are often also a favorite with the adults.

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Rømø Playland - @Vesthop
Rømø Playland - @Vesthop

Arrild Holiday Village and Swimming Pool

Arrild is located in the middle of Southern Jutland, and here you will find a large holiday town. In the holiday village there are holiday homes and a campsite. As activities, there are both large playgrounds and a swimming pool where there is room for big and small children. The swimming pool has a long water slide, which is clearly one of the favorites with children over the age of 3-4, and a children's pool and paddling areas for the very little ones.

Availability: There is a lift that can lift from a wheelchair into the pool, as well as disabled changing rooms.

The resort also has a large fishing lake where you can rent fishing rods.

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Swimming pool in Arrild - @Arrild Swimming pool

Art Museum in Tønder

Although the Art Museum is mostly aimed at adults interested in art, there are still some elements in the museum that can be fascinating for children and young people to see and experience on their own. The art museum is large and has both some history and a water tower, which today is an exhibition for the furniture designer Hans J. Wegner. At the top of the tower you can enjoy the view over the entire town of Tønder and some of the Marsh.

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at the top of the Art Museum - @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder
at the top of the Art Museum - @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

Play & Labyrinth Park

In Rømø Play and Labyrinth Park you get the opportunity to unleash your inner child, with more than 25 challenging activities for all ages. Explore e.g. mazes, puzzles, mega chess, Angrybirds and much more.

Note that there are closing days/periods.


Gammelby Action

Get a different go-kart experience with the so-called Bocarts. Here the driving takes place on a track of earth and sand, where the large rubber wheels spin in the turns.

For info: this is a group activity and you must be a larger group to book.

Bocart race in Gammelby @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder
Bocart race in Gammelby @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

The activity band in Tønder

In Tønder city center there is an activity strip with various obstacles and activities that are both physically and mentally challenging. The route is 500 m long, and offers both children and adults a wonderful trip through the center of the city.

Children can be given a sheet with corresponding stickers at the tourist office on the square in Tønder. You are allowed to put the stickers in the sheet when you have completed an obstacle on the course.


Horseback riding on Rømø

It has always been a part of Rømø to have horses, they have been used as means of transport, working horses for shrimp fishing and for recreation on the island.

The pleasure lies especially in the beautiful nature experienced from horseback. Rømø offers landscaped paths for the horses, and in some periods you can also ride on the huge sandy beaches at Lakolk and on Sønderstranden.

As a tourist, you can bring your own horse or use one of the 3 stables that offer tours for their guests.

Try e.g. The Icelandic center on Rømø. 

or Rømø Ponyfarm 

Availability: Ask the company.

Horse riding on rømø - @Islændercentret
Horse riding on rømø - @Islændercentret

Rømø Minigolf & Ice Cafe

Enjoy a day with the whole family in cozy surroundings at Den Gamle Købmandsgård on Rømø. Next to the old farm building is a large and cozy garden with a mini golf course and space for good times and relaxation with an ice cream.

Availability: Partially

Go on a canoe trip 

Sail in a canoe on one or more of the four routes that together make up Brede Å.

The river has 35 km. navigable routes that take you on a nature experience through the Southern Jutland landscape. Past beautiful plantations, through river valleys, and finally you end up in Marsken - the gateway to the Waddensea. A canoe trip is for all ages, and perfect if you want a few hours with the family, or perhaps several days with an overnight stay?
Rent canoes at "Sønderjysk Kanoudlejning".

Availability: No

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Canoe trip on Brede Å - @Sønderjysk Canoe rental
Canoe trip on Brede Å - @Sønderjysk Canoe rental

Marsh Tower

Take the whole family up to Marsken's highest viewpoint, where the eye, in clear weather, can reach cities as far away as Esbjerg. The tower, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, is an experience in itself. At the tower there is both a playground and an 18-hole mini golf course. On the field there are, among other things, a mini copy of Marsk Tower, Markmandshuset and Rømø, which is known for its wide sandy beach.

Availability: Mini golf – No
Marsk Tower – No.

Heading up the Marsk Tower - @Jacob Gosch - GotFat Productions
Heading up the Marsk Tower - @Jacob Gosch - GotFat Productions

Skærbæk Center

In the Skærbæk center close to the Wadden Sea National Park, there are many activities for both children and adults. The center has a swimming pool with a 25 m pool, children's pool with play equipment, spa, steam bath, large outdoor sauna, etc.

You will also find a state-of-the-art 8-lane bowling facility that is suitable for fun as well as competition. Indoor playground for the little ones, 2 large sports halls, outdoor fitness area and large playground with bouncy cushion. During the holiday periods they have extra activities for children, these can always be watched

If you get hungry from all that activity, there is a wonderful café with a large selection of delicious dishes as well as Restaurant Staffeli.

Availability: Yes. However, the swimming pool does not have a lift or separate changing rooms for the disabled. 

The bowling alley in Skærbækcentret - @Skærbækcentret
The bowling alley in Skærbækcentret - @Skærbækcentret

Naturcenter Tønnisgård

Tønnisgård belongs to one of the most beautiful old commander's farms on Rømø. Here you can learn and experience a lot about the Wadden Sea and Rømø's nature. They also offer guided tours and activities where both children and adults can participate. See their program here Tønnisgård

Availability: Partially. Contact Tønnisgård for more information regarding specific trip. 

Family trip with Tønnisgård - @Tønnisgård
Family trip with Tønnisgård - @Tønnisgård

Other experiences outside Rømø & Tønder's surroundings.

Happy Zoo

Small zoo, big experiences. In Glad Zoo there are 80 animal species. You can get close to animals such as goats, pigs and kangaroos, while you have to settle for looking at Asian wild dogs, porcupines and snakes. Every day you can meet a zookeeper who makes you more knowledgeable about the animals. You are welcome to eat from the cafe, or bring your own packed lunch, which can be enjoyed on one of the zoo's many terraces.

History center Dybbøl Banke

At the history center Dybbøl Banke, you will be swept into one of the most exciting chapters in Danish history. Over ball casting and hot pancakes, you experience the cheerful argument between the 2 soldiers during the war between Prussia and Denmark in 1864.

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Level-free access, lift etc., which enable wheelchairs to get around.

Partially available

There are rooms/areas where wheelchair users cannot enter, but it is still possible to have a good experience.

Available with a helper or some walking function.

There is a step or other that means you need help in order to participate/enter.

Not available.

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The accessibility assessment is based on a normal-sized wheelchair. If you use an extra-wide electric wheelchair or electric crosser, please contact the desired place of visit yourself. Likewise, there may be circumstances which mean that the availability for a period is not as described by us. A good idea is to always search for information on the website of the desired place to visit.