October - April

You can pick oysters from October to April 

Taste oysters on site

Du kan plukke østers direkte fra Vadehavet og grille dem over en gril

Bring a guide with you

I området har vi flere guides der tager dig med ud i vadehavet og finder østers, og lære dig hvordan du kan spise dine østers

A Wadden Sea specialty


The Wadden Sea National Park has completely unexpected and overwhelming experiences, and there are many ways to experience the world's most important tidal zone, the Wadden Sea National Park and UNESCO's World Heritage. If you want to get all the senses stimulated, then an oyster trip is the ultimate experience. You get very close when we find the oyster banks just a few hundred meters out on the wad, where you can pick lots of oysters - the world's most delicious raw material.

Oyster Safari takes place at low tide, where we hike beyond the exposed mud surface to the oyster banks located in the cleanest part of the Wadden Sea. The soft bottom can be a challenge, but no worse than that everyone can join, and it only requires sensible clothing and tight-fitting, ordinary rubber boots - long-handled rubber boots to reach the larger oyster banks.

When you have collected enough of the fruits of the sea, there are of course taste test of the oysters, while telling about the Wadden Sea oysters, which as royal regal and export goods brought fortunes, but which became extinct and then replaced by a new oyster adventure based on the island of Herring. A tale of wealth, power and decay. Of course we also tell you how to cook oysters and clams.

Guided tours

Find a guide

In the area you can find guides to take you on an adventure tour.

Remember this

Festival on Romo

Experience the oyster festival on Rømø, where you can both taste oysters and watch the world oyster championship.

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