Lakolk Strand
Lakolk Strand
Lakolk Strand

Lakolk Strand

The most visited beach on Romo


Lakolk Beach

Lakolk beach is the most visited beach on Romo. Here you will find the soft sand close to the water's edge and bathing water where you can go far from the shore and still be able to bottom.

You can drive on the beach

Almost all beaches on Romo you can take your car out and drive. This is because the sand all the way to the water is hard, although in some places it may be unfortunate to catch soft sand before reaching the water's edge.

There is a speed limit of 30km / h and all driving is at your own risk.

Fun facts

  • Stranden strækker sig helt ned til Sønderstrand og er i sin fulde længde 12km
  • The width of the beach is from 1-3km wide depending on where on the beach you are.
  • annually there are approx. 2 million guests on the beach.

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