The recipe for a good gastro experience

Gastronomy experience

The Wadden Sea is ...

The Wadden Sea is the largest source of the popular oyster.

Taste local ..

There are many local suppliers of raw materials in the area.

where does the word originate from

Etymologically, the word comes gastronomy from Ancient Greek gastros ("Stomach"), and nomos ("Rule" or "law").

Flavors in the area

Inspiration for gastro experiences

In the Rømø Tønder area there are many different and unique flavors. Eg. then from the Wadden Sea we can pick Wadden Sea oysters, which is the most common raw material in Denmark. On Romo and in Tønder we have many different restaurants that make a little extra out of the food, so the experience will be unforgettable.

Taste local
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Here you can taste the ingredients


Rømø Oysters - Rømø Shellfish

On Rømø there is a fishery that collects oysters in the Wadden Sea and cleans them for shipment throughout Denmark.


High Sausages

Today, we are two brothers, Gerd and Jan, who in close cooperation with family and good faithful staff make sure to carry on the craft traditions


Holms Smoker and Restaurant

Here you can taste fish from a local fish shop. You can buy both in the smokehouse and eat in the restaurant


Rømø Butcher

The only butcher on Romo, who struck

The only butcher on Romo. The butcher uses a local supplier, and especially for the butcher is the Lammekøllen butchered from the Wadden Sea Lambs


Restaurant Staffeli

Here prices and delicious food meet. The food is made with some of the area's local produce

Rømø & Tønder - Guided tours


Tønnisgaard offers many different experiences, including guided tours such as Shrimp catch, Oyster trip and herb trips

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