About Bird Migration in Rømø-Tønder

The Wadden Sea is vital as a resting place and bird watching area for migratory birds. By the Wadden Sea there are especially large flocks of waders and geese that fill both sky, meadow and wade when they stay here on their journey along the East Atlantic Route. There are several reasons why migratory birds leave the warmer skies and fly to, for example, the Arctic tundra to breed. In the tundra, the distance to species follicles is high, and the risk of spreading diseases is less. In addition, the harsh winters in the breeding areas also help to reduce the number of birds of prey and other predators. The Wadden Sea meets a number of needs, which are crucial for migratory birds. They therefore return to the area each year, giving both residents and visitors some truly outstanding, dazzling bird experiences.

It is a world-class nature experiences when the large flocks of migratory birds fill the sky over the Wadden Sea and the adjacent marshlands in the spring and autumn months. 12 million. migratory birds pull through the Wadden Sea twice a year and get their energy potatoes up before they rise again on their way to breeding or wintering distant distances. You can experience flocks of several thousand reefs and geese that fill the sky and create their very own painting or the spectacular sunset dances of the stars, black sun.

Bird Migration guides in Rømø-Tønder