In the past and since the 16th century, Rømø was a fishing village and has also been a playground. When fishing went back in the 17th century, some sailed on shipping. Many were employed as “commanders” on whaling ships and benefited from it, as seen in the quality of the older houses on the island.

The southern part of the island has also had special status as royal enclave.

In the 16th century shipping was of great importance on the island. For a short time, the island took over as a port for Ribe after it was impossible for larger ships to enter the port.

Around 1720, whaling took place in Svalbard, and the islands Før, Sild and Rømø equipped ships for whaling and sealing (robbery). In addition, crews of copenhagen and other companies were manned with crews and drivers, so-called commanders. Next to Before, Røm delivered the largest number of commuters to Hamburg’s whaling fleet. Many also had command on Dutch and Danish ships, and there were 40 commanders out of a population of around 1,600. Since they wanted to take part of the crew from home, almost every male inhabitant from the age of 10-12 took the taste of Hamburg or Amsterdam every year in February to board the whaling ships. [3]

During the German occupation there was still no dam to the mainland. An allied invasion would be difficult at Rømø, and the Værnemagten therefore only expanded the defense sparingly on Rømø. In total, approx. 52 bunkers on the island. The ordinary bunkers at Rømø were built and equipped for use with heating, electric lights, fresh air supply, bunks, etc. They were used from 1943 to 1945.

Rømø as a tourist destination

Sand, beach and water and lots of holiday experiences for both the big and the small in a stunning scenery. It is the holiday island Rømø in a nutshell.

The beaches of Rømø belong to Europe’s finest with plenty of space and a child-friendly and stone-free sandy beach as far as the eye reaches.

The island is part of the Wadden Sea National Park and thus included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is a special class for nature experiences – also for those who want to ride a bike, hike, play golf, ride a ride or practice windsurfing.

The beaches at Rømø

Dip your toes in the water or go all-in and take a dip in the vast North Sea, already existed 350 million years ago.

The beaches along the North Sea are popular with people from near and far because of their beautiful and distinctive nature and not least the beachy beaches.

Get lost on Rømø Sønderstrand – a paradise for blockarts and kitesurfers. Or take a horse and gallop on the water’s edge as the sun sets – a truly unique experience.

The beaches at Rømø are an eldorado for windsurfers and dragon enthusiasts – not least the first weekend in September, where the Rømø Dragon Festival is being held.

Accommodation at Rømø

Experiences & events at Rømø

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