About Bredebro

Bredebro is located in a sparsely populated marshland with approx. 14 kilometers to the Wadden Sea. It was originally a wading and brooch over the Great Å and has been exposed to several floods throughout history.

Previously, the city was known for its fabrication of lace. Today, Bredebro is primarily a modern trade and industrial city with the Ecco shoe factory (production of eccosko) as the city’s largest company. The factory also has its headquarters in the city. In general, the city is characterized by business districts, and Bredebro has therefore only partially retained its old urban environment. Particularly west of Brede Church is the original part of the city that sprang up the railway in the late 19th century.

From Bredebro there are 9 kilometers to Løgumkloster, just 14 to Tønder and 33 to Ribe.

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