Ballum is the closest neighbor to the National Park Wadden Sea with a host of natural experiences. The National Park can be experienced from the dike or the beach edge or on a stroll on the drought Wadden.

Ballum is a very special village, which actually consists of 7 villages, all of which have a common name called Ballum. The 7 Ballums are:

  • Rejsby Ballum
  • Buntje Ballum
  • Bådsbøl Ballum
  • Nørrehus Ballum
  • Husum Ballum
  • Østerende Ballum
  • Vesterende Ballum

Ballum is sheltered behind the dike, when the dike does not protect against storm, it is perfect as a great viewpoint.

Around the village of Ballum there are many nice old thatched houses and large farms, hundreds of years old. They clearly reflect that they have lived in agriculture in Ballum. Especially in Vesterende and Østerende you will find the beautiful houses and farms, in fact Denmark’s most beautiful farmhouse in Østerende, Klægager, serves as Bed and Breakfast today.

In addition, Ballum has a very Romanesque church and an original courthouse from 1788, Slusekro and much more! Definitely worth visiting.

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