Agerskov – Sønderjyllands centrum

In the middle of historic South Jutland, Agerskov is within easy reach of beaches in both east and west and only 15 min. from E45. Agerskov was originally the place of central Jutland, and when you met in Agerskov, it was usually at the inn where brewed wine and beer were brewed. From 1904 to 1939, Agerskov station was on “Æ Kleinbahn”, which went from Haderslev to Toftlund and on to Skærbæk. During World War I, German troops fought North Norway across South Jutland. Northeast of Agerskov was placed Gammelskov Battery, which is the largest plant in the position. Agerskov Sogn consists of Agerskov, Rangstrup, Bovlund, Mellerup and Geestrup. There lives about 2300 citizens throughout the parish and approx. 1250 in Agerskov city.

Worth knowing about Agerskov

Agerskov offers attractive buildings and good facilities for all ages. There is day care, a nursery, Agerskov
School, Agerskov Christian Friskole, Agerskov Youth School and Care Center Møllevangen. In the city there is an active business and commercial life. Here is a
doctor, a Spar grocery store with a grocery store and flower shop, a bicycle dealer, two car dealerships, hairdressers and craft companies. In addition, there are more options for eating out. Leisure time can be used in many different ways. In Agerskov there is a sports hall, a fitness center, a petanque court, a rollercoaster, a bicycle club and a swimming pool. Agerskov Sogns Lokalråd has established a knitting café and a swap deck. There is a rich cultural life with art exhibitions, lectures and concerts. There is the possibility to play theater in Bovlund, and in Rangstrup the Citizens’ Association holds
  communal weddings and lectures in the assembly hall.

Accommodation in Agerskov

Experiences & events in Agerskov

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