The canal locks of Højer


The scenery of the coastline consists of the Wadden Sea and the marshlands.Wide expanses with a never-ending horizon will make you feel small and give you the feeling of standing right on the edge of the sea. One moment, the ocean floor is visible as far as the eye can see – the next, it is flooded by the ocean again.

In 1982, “Vidåslusen” and the “Fremskudte Dige” replaced the old sluice gate and dam. The new dam spans 12.2 kilometres from Emmerlev Klev in Denmark to the Hindenburg-dam in Germany. It was built as a joint project between the two countries.

The dam protects the 15,000 inhabitants and 12,000 hectares of land found in the Tønder marshlands against flooding. Big flocks of migratory birds use the resulting salt-water lakes as a temporary stopover before they continue on their journey.

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