Ballum Sluse


Ballum Sluse is a sluice at the expiration of Bred Å in Sønderjylland. The nearby Ballum Slusekro is part of the whole. 3 km south of Rømødämningen, on the coastal road between the dam and Ballum.

History : Slusen’s constructor was the engineering engineer Hinrichs, while the construction itself was carried out by Philip Holzmann & amp; Co. The construction started in 1914, but was delayed by World War 1, which was declared the same year. Major parts of the construction work were imposed on French and Russian prisoners of war. In 1915 the actual sluice was completed.

In 1920 the area became Danish again at the reunification. From 1786 the ferry departed from Bådsbøl-Ballum to Rømø. Around 1900, one sailed by a motor ferry from Skærbæk Brohoved north of the current dam; but later the ferry route moved back to Bådsbøl-Ballum until it was transferred to the newly built Ballum Sluse, after the reunion had been landed. From here, the ferry ride continued to Rømø from 1923 until the dam was opened in 1948.


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6261 Bredebro

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