Ballum Pumpemøller


Just next to the mills there is a small exhibition building, which tells about the Wadden Sea and the drainage of the meadows. The mills can always be viewed from the outside. In the winter, the mills are packed down, so they do not suffer unnecessary damage to wind and weather.

History : Following the cancellation of the spell in 1788, many improvements were made to Danish agriculture. Among other things. many waterborne lands became drained. In 1836 the Ballum meadows were exchanged between the peasants, and in the following years digging and digging were dug. When replacing each farmer with its part of the meadow, some farmers’ animals were cut off from access to drinking water. In 1841, therefore, a community was established that invested in Archimede’s screws that could lift water from the fresh Broad to the watering of the animals. In 1842 two pump mills were built according to Dutch design. The mills were completely wood and in the 1890s they were exhausted and new mills of iron were built. These mills worked until 1965. The water, which was picked up from Brede, was distributed to the meadows through buried ditches.


Ballum Sluse 7
6261 Bredebro

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