About Tønder Street Food Days

The 15th to 16th. June is launching a new Street Food initiative in Tønder. Tønder Street Food Days will fill Skibbroen in Tønder with the smell of local gastronomy. You will be able to experience local restaurators cooking delicious food with a touch of local produce. Here are gastronomic experiences and good street food atmosphere. Over the past few months, a small, determined initiative group has worked diligently and purposefully to put Tønder on the food map of Denmark.

“With Tønder Street Food Days we have wanted to create a platform where we can promote the good gastronomy and the many talented restaurateurs and food producers we have in Tønder Municipality. Now, with Tønder Street Food Days, we have a showcase where both locals and tourists can experience what our skilled local restaurators can offer” says Carsten Uggerholt Eriksen, part of the initiative group behind Tønder Street Food Days, in a press release.

Help to pay attention to local gastronomy.

Where and when

Skibbroen in Tønder, 15 and 16 June 2018.

Kl. 16.00: Opening: Food and drink can be bought in the tents + merchandise from stalls
Kl. 19:00: Food competition – Amateur barbecue enthusiasts gloomy about the “master chef award”
Kl. 21.00: Closed for serving
Kl. 22:00: The tents shut down

Kl. 12.00: Food and beverage can be bought in the tents + sales of goods from stalls
Kl. 14.00: Food Competition – Local School Students Dissapointed of “Junior Champion Award”
Kl. 20:00: closes for serving
Kl. 21.00: The tents shut down
Tønder Street Food Days is held at Skibbroen’s parking area at Tønder pedestrian street.