About tilting-at-the-ring

An ancient tradition, started as a horse-drawn tournament in the Middle Ages in Europe, today it is only great in Sønderjylland, where Sønderborg and Åbenrå have the biggest cycling tournaments.

Although Sønderborg and Åbenrå have the biggest tournaments, we would like to lay their heads on the block and say that in the Rømø-Tønder area we have some of the nicest. It is often in connection with the townsfair in the small towns that ringridning is held. For those towns, there is a very special feeling when there is riot as it is an important part of the culture in the area.

Today there are many interpretations of the traditional horse rider, such as bicycle and tractor ring riding.

Where & When

The first cycling starts in May and the last are in July.

We will try to enter when there is a ringwalk, in the different villages, on this page.


Free for spectators in the small towns, sometimes entrance to the venues costs a small amount.

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