About Rømø Beach Jump

Riders from Tinglev Riding Club have traveled many trips on the wide and long, beautiful sandy beaches of Rømø in the last 20-30 years.

One day on the way home from such a trip, Tinglev Riding Club’s visionary Holger Holm says: “Why dont we make a jump down on the beach so that the rest of Denmark’s riders can get the ride on the hard sand?” One word takes the second and the idea begins to take shape. But as with so many other ideas, it will not succed at first.

A couple of years later Tinglev Riding Club’s Finn Märcher and Holger Holm meet with forestkeeper Anders Hauge Rahbek from the Forest and Nature Agency and the Head of Tourism at Rømø-Tønder one afternoon at the Sports Center in Skærbæk. The purpose of the meeting is to find out if a rider on the beach can be realized at all. It could.

When and where

Lakolk Beach, 9-10 June 2018


Free for spectators

Registration for riders: www.romobeachjump.dk

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