Pers Awten

Pers Awten/Pers aften/Sankt Peters Aften is an north frisian tradition, it is celebrate the same way as Saint John’s Eve in Denmark, which is common to celebrate in all of Denmark. There will be a big bonfire, where a speaker will be invited to say a few words. The date is the 21st of February every year, in Denmark it is only celebrated on the westcoast of Jutland and the western islands (Mandø, Fanø and Rømø).
In North Frisians the name for this tradition: Biikebrennen

Many Frisians and Jutlands have worked as seafarers for the past few hundred years. So Pers Awten became a kind of great farewell party for the sea people, who went to Greenland to catch whales. Initially, Pers Awten derives from pagan times, then the fire was a sacrifice to the Nordic gods. Later on, it has been a ritual to celebrate the end of winter.

Typical food for Pers Awten is a local delicious food, the green cabbage from south jutland.

Where & When

February 21 every year, along the west coast and on the Wadden Sea islands.


Rømø, by the dam at. 18:30

Emmerlev Klev beach kl. 19.00 – Speech by the Danish Culture Minister Mette Bock.