Kniplingsfestival i Tønder

The lace festival in Tønder is a traditional festival that is held every three years. It is natural to have a lace festival in Tønder, as the lace has to this extent set Tønder on the textile world map.

Tønder Lace History

Tønder laces was a huge industry in and around Tønder, it dates back to the 17th century. There, King Christian IV discusses the lace eagerly in his diaries, when he loved lace and used them extensively in his clothing. He was so enthusiastic about Tønder laces that he helped promote the production of lace. Initially, Tønder laces was only made for the nobles and royalty. They were, however, later available to the bourgeoisie, where they were widely used on folk costumes, which one can also see today. The lace industry was for the women. They most often sat at all ages at home and laced, however, it went down tremendously for these women when industrialization emerged. Which meant that Tønder laces went out of fashion, as you could mass produce much other clothes. Towards the 20th century it was a few who laced Tønder laces, in order to resell them, as demand no longer existed. In these, Tønder laces still lives, but only as a hobby.

What are Tønderkniplinger?

The lacess from Tønder, which is inspired by Small lace is characterized by a tulle bottom with motifs such as flowers, leaves or ornaments in canvas surrounded by a thicker contour thread. In the patterns themselves, other bottoms are found, such as roses. Often, bile ducts are also part of the pattern. The women who laced the Tønderknip lingerie had often learned to lace up as little girls, and they were glad to tie the same lace year after year, and the lace was often named after the girl who had laced it. Place names were also used eg. Hjerpsted, Tønders Skönhet and not least names of flowers such as the Nelliken, Rosen and Passionblomst etc. May 31 to June 2, 2019, the 11th festival of lace is held in Tønder, where there will be plenty of opportunity to experience Tønder town and surrounding area.

Where & When

Every three years, next time is May 31, 1 & June 2. Friday and Saturday from 10.00 to 17.00 Sunday from 10.00 to 15.00 The Lace Festival takes place in Tønder Sport- og Fritidscenter.



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