Bringing the tide in

When we get a date for 2019, this page will be updated, but between time can read how it happened in 2018:

Every year in May month, wandering into the Wadden Sea while singing Jens Rosendal’s “We bring the tide in”
This year’s event is May 5, 2018 at. 14, at the same time being a performance of Jens Rosendal’s new spring-stage song.

There will also be talk and music at Bunti Strand.
This year’s talks are by Mayor Henrik Frandsen, Tønder.

Then we drive approx. 2 km north to Ballum Multi House, where coffee and tea with cake are served.
Concert with Duo Askou // Andersen – Violin & Accordion
Songhour v. Jens Rosendal.
There will be served different kinds of soups with bread for and you can buy wine, beer and water.
The event ends at 19.30

Price for beach attendance: 50 kr.
Price for beach attendance as well as dining: 225 kr.

Where and when

Vesterende Ballum, may month.