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If you are looking for exciting events and experiences in the area around Rømø and Tønder, there is plenty to look forward to. Here you can find everything from music festivals to food markets to cultural events and sporting activities and much more.

So mark your calendars and look forward to a lot of fun and memorable experiences. And remember to check this page to keep yourself regularly updated on the individual events for further information on times and tickets.

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    Handicap accessibility

    Full accesseslightly

    Level-free access, lift etc., which enable wheelchairs to get around.

    Partially available

    There are rooms/areas where wheelchair users cannot enter, but it is still possible to have a good experience.

    Available with a helper or some walking function.

    There is a step or other that means you need help in order to participate/enter.

    Not available.

    There is no lift, ramps or anything else that prevents wheelchairs from entering.

    The accessibility assessment is based on a normal-sized wheelchair. If you use an extra-wide electric wheelchair or electric crosser, please contact the desired place of visit yourself. Likewise, there may be circumstances which mean that the availability for a period is not as described by us. A good idea is to always search for information on the website of the desired place to visit.