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Autumn holiday in Denmark 2023: Your Guide to Southwest Jutland

Explore charming landscapes, exciting activities and beautiful autumn colors in Southwest Jutland. Plan your autumn holiday for 2023 now!

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Plan your autumn holiday 2023!

Autumn is a time when nature shows its most colorful side, and what could be a better way to experience this than an autumn holiday in South West Jutland? The region offers a wide range of activities suitable for both children and adults. From hikes in the beautiful forests to exciting cultural experiences, there is something for everyone. Autumn holidays in Denmark 2023 are the perfect time to take a break from everyday life and enjoy everything this beautiful part of the country has to offer.

Week 42 is the week when most schools and educational institutions are on autumn break, so it's an ideal time for the family to get together and go on adventures. And with the upcoming autumn break from Saturday 14 October 2023 to Sunday 22 October 2023, it's time to start planning your holiday. So choose Southwest Jutland as your autumn destination and have an unforgettable experience!

Black Sun in Tøndermarsken

Black sun is a phenomenon where thousands of starlings gather at dusk and create breathtaking patterns in the sky.

oyster trip

Pick oysters in the Wadden Sea

Oyster picking is a popular autumn activity where you can collect fresh oysters directly from the Wadden Sea for an authentic taste experience.

Tour of Schackenborg

Experience the royal castle up close and enjoy the exciting stories in a historical setting.

Hiking on Marskstien

Try the 54 km long hiking route Marskstien or one of the 8 trail loops.

Knitting festival - Masks in Marsken

The focal point of the festival is Masks, Marsk and Mindfulness - and during the festival you can visit beautiful cultural-historical buildings, listen to lectures, participate in workshops and become more skilled at knitting. 

Build your own kite

The west wind is faithful and strong here at Rømø. And we have plenty of space for kite flying. At Tønnisgård we have materials for you to build your own kite.

Experience a sunset at Rømø

Autumn offers early sunsets, and we love them!

Get the view over the Marsh

come up in Marsk Tower and watch the scenery unfold.

A real wellness experience!

Wellness stays at Enjoy Resorts offer luxurious relaxation with spa, sauna and massage, ideal for a rejuvenating autumn break.

A family experience in Skærbækcentert

The Skærbæk center is a versatile leisure center in South-West Jutland that offers swimming, sports and culture, perfect for an active autumn holiday.

Visit Tønder's cozy pedestrian street.

Tønder's pedestrian street is a charming shopping street with unique shops and cafes that offer a pleasant shopping experience in autumn.

Hiking routes in Southern Jutland

Hiking routes in Southern Jutland offer scenic paths through forests and along coasts, ideal for an active and relaxing autumn holiday.

Find motorhome space

Choose from several motorhome pitches at Rømø and at Vadehaet

Find unique B&B

Find a good bed in beautiful natural surroundings

Find an exclusive hotel

If you are into sumptuous breakfasts and beautiful rooms.
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