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Rømø Doctor and Labyrinth Park


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    17. April 2024 20:14 local time

In Rømø Play and Labyrinth Park, you will find a wealth of fun, exciting and challenging opportunities to let the play child go free.

There are also good opportunities to test the competition gene. There are lots of fun activities aimed at both children and adults alike.

In Rømø Play and Labyrinth Park, you can also put your colleagues together with a team building day, where you will be shaken well together with both mental and collaborative challenges.

In Rømø Play and Labyrinth Park, you can invite the whole family to a cozy day, birthday or activity day.
Bring your packed lunches. We have many tables / bench sets that you have to move around.

Lots of little games

In Rømø Play and Labyrinth Park, there are many games that require cooperation to be able to solve the tasks.

  • puzzle in XXXL
  • Tangram and XXXL
  • outdoor table tennis
  • cross & bun
  • the tower with holes
  • chess
  • 4 on strive in XXXL

The Great Labyrinth

The park's Great Labyrinth with its 5 towers looks like a castle from the Middle Ages. Use the towers to get an overview and your memory to find the 8 items that are hidden in Denmark's funniest labyrinth.
You will also be able to find 8 POKÉMON characters, which are hidden in different places.

The race maze

A duel of speed, ingenuity and will. Who gets through two identical labyrinths in battle with time the fastest? When the bell rings, you are either a winner or a loser.
You can also do the activity as a relay race. When the bell rings, the next in line must run. The team that comes through first has won.

The spider

A fun activity where you can play "the earth is poisoned", prisoner game, bitch or just use your imagination. The spider is shaped like a spider web with many different paths that require balance, strength and agility.

Angry Bird

With a giant slingshot, try to hit the spot with big tennis balls. We have placed 5 open plastic barrels in the ground that you must try to hit. There is both an adult and a child snake gun.

Little Labyrinth

For the little ones there is also a maze. Here the children, with a map in hand, must find 4 pictures with animals or motifs from Rømø. The card has 8 animals, so there are 4 fake pictures.

Opening hours in 2022

We are open on all weekends, holidays and school holidays, from week 12 up to and including week 43. 

DKK 75 per person - Children under 3 years free

Dogs on a leash are welcome. Food basket and drinks must be brought. Once the entrance fee is paid, you must be in the park all day.

Dogs on a leash are welcome.

Food basket and drinks must be brought.
Once the entrance fee is paid, one must be in the park all day.
Red color: Open from kl. 10 - 18
Green color: Open from kl. 10 - 16
Yellow color: Open from kl. 10 - 17 (Without crew)



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Handicap accessibility

Full accesseslightly

Level-free access, lift etc., which enable wheelchairs to get around.

Partially available

There are rooms/areas where wheelchair users cannot enter, but it is still possible to have a good experience.

Available with a helper or some walking function.

There is a step or other that means you need help in order to participate/enter.

Not available.

There is no lift, ramps or anything else that prevents wheelchairs from entering.

The accessibility assessment is based on a normal-sized wheelchair. If you use an extra-wide electric wheelchair or electric crosser, please contact the desired place of visit yourself. Likewise, there may be circumstances which mean that the availability for a period is not as described by us. A good idea is to always search for information on the website of the desired place to visit.