Holiday on the Danish southwest coast.

Experience Rømø, Wadden Sea National Park and Tøndermarsken

The Rømø and Tønder area is a wonderful destination for holidaymakers looking for nature, culture and history. Rømø offers Europe's widest sandy beaches, ideal for wind sports and nature walks among the island's dunes and moorland. The island also hosts an annual international kite festival. Tønder, known for its well-preserved old town with cobbled streets and historic buildings, exudes charm and Danish cultural heritage. The area is perfect for those who want to experience authentic Danish village life, handicrafts and unique natural areas by the Wadden Sea.

Experience the Christmas town in Tønder

Discover more at our home base at the Wadden Sea and West Coast National Park.

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Summer by the North Sea and in the Wadden Sea National Park is a time of warmth, light and endless nature experiences along the breathtaking West Jutland coastline. When the sun is high in the sky and the day stretches into the late evening hours, this season opens up a multitude of activities and scenic impressions. The blooming salt marshes are in full bloom, and the birdlife is at its most active, while the tides create ever-changing landscapes. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy beach life, go hiking in the unique ecosystems and experience the natural beauty that the North Sea and Wadden Sea have to offer.

The summer offers:

Go on experiences for the whole family.

There are many experiences on Rømø and the surrounding area that the whole family can take part in, whether it is a visit to Lakolk beach, in the depths of a bunker or on a sailing trip in the Wadden Sea in search of seals.

Let yourself be inspired
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The holiday experience is not only about the destination, but also about the journey there. The trip to Rømø is a perfect example of that. On the way to this small island located in the National Park Waddensea, you drive via the dam almost through the Waddensea and can experience the ebb and flow. 

Waddensea Lamb, a local specialty produced in the Waddensea

Reading time: 3 Minutes Waddensea lamb is a local specialty that can be tasted in selected places in the Wadden Sea area.

Here you can sleep in shelters

Reading time: 2 Minutes Find shelters around the whole of Tønder municipality, where you can spend the night outdoors.

Play golf at Rømø or at Tønder

Reading time: 3 Minutes Go on a golf experience at Rømø or in Tønder and discover 1 of the 2 fantastic courses on the southwest west coast of Denmark.

Find charging stations on a map of Rømø and in the Tønder area.

Reading time: < 1 minute Find a charging station for your electric car on holiday to Rømø or on the mainland around Tønder.

How to eat oysters

Reading time: 2 Minutes Over recent years, oysters have become a recognized delicacy and we would like to teach you how to eat them.

16 Attractions on Rømø: Experience the Island's Best Attractions

Reading time: 7 Minutes In this post you can read about the most popular sights to be found on Rømø. Take the family by the hand and come out and experience Rømø's unique nature, as well as the sights that the island hides.

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Handicap accessibility

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Level-free access, lift etc., which enable wheelchairs to get around.

Partially available

There are rooms/areas where wheelchair users cannot enter, but it is still possible to have a good experience.

Available with a helper or some walking function.

There is a step or other that means you need help in order to participate/enter.

Not available.

There is no lift, ramps or anything else that prevents wheelchairs from entering.

The accessibility assessment is based on a normal-sized wheelchair. If you use an extra-wide electric wheelchair or electric crosser, please contact the desired place of visit yourself. Likewise, there may be circumstances which mean that the availability for a period is not as described by us. A good idea is to always search for information on the website of the desired place to visit.