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7 gastronomic experiences not to be missed

Are you looking for a dining experience beyond the ordinary?
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Marsk Restaurant

We house a fantastic restaurant, café and dessert house with homemade Italian ice cream. We emphasize that fresh ingredients are always used and the food is made from scratch. Food with taste is served here.

Availability: Yes 


Skærbæk Center

Restaurant Staffeli in Skærbækcentret is a really nice family restaurant, and if the children finish first, there is the opportunity for play both indoors and outdoors. Skærbækcentret is close to Rømø.

The food in the restaurant is prepared from quality ingredients and yet at reasonable prices.

Restaurant Staffeli offers delicious a la carte dishes. Some evenings also offer a buffet.

Availability: Yes


Café Fru Dax - Rømø

Café Fru Dax was in 2019 voted Denmark's Best Ice House, and this is not without reason. One of the island's largest and best selection, where you can taste delicious homemade ice cream waffles. 

Café Fru Dax, however, not only has ice cream on the menu, it is both an ice cream parlor and a café. You can therefore also enjoy a delicious main course in a cozy setting at their restaurant, right next to the ice house. All their dishes are well cooked, with fresh ingredients and added homemade ingredients. They have a wide selection of delicious lunch and dinner dishes, where you can choose everything from sandwiches, nachos and to wienerschnitzel and burger. However, the café is especially known for their irresistible shooting stars, which can undoubtedly satiate the most hungry stomach. 

Availability: Yes (but as there are often many people, we recommend that you book a table and mention a wheelchair)


Restaurant Ø - Rømø

If you are looking for an evening with delicious wine and good food, made from quality ingredients, from local suppliers, then you can at Restaurant Ø have a Gourmet dinner out of the ordinary. Enjoy an irresistible dinner in beautiful surroundings, with a fantastic panoramic view of the golf course in the holiday center Enjoy Resorts Rømø, together with the whole family, your colleagues or your partner. Restaurant Ø is known for their local quality food at an affordable price and serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner when you want to keep free from the kitchen and the dishes.


Otto & Ani's Fisk - Rømø

Otto & Ani's fish is a fishery that has a location that makes it completely unique.

The fishing is located down at the harbor in Havneby, where you can do nothing but enjoy the harbor atmosphere. Otto & Ani's Fish offers fish dishes of great quality and of delicious quality.


Central Hotellet - Løgumkloster

In Løgumkloster there is a good old and classic hotel restaurant, which can clearly impress anyone with their famous Børges Bøfsandwich.

You get a classic steak sandwich interpreted in the Hotel's own way, which has resulted in lots of brown sauce, a large steak and French bread, instead of the usual burger bun.

Nominated for 'Denmark's Best Steak Sandwich' in 2020 by 'De Brune Riddere' 

A must-taste for sure!


Ballum Slusekro - Ballum

Are you into delicious old Danish food that is still made on the old recipes that have gone through the generations, then Slusekroen in Ballum is the perfect place to eat with the family. 

Slusekroen has a very special location - in the heaths, behind the dike - alone, Slusekroen stands in the middle of the magnificent Danish nature. 

Really wortth the visit.

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