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10 active summer experiences

The GPS is set towards Southern Jutland, and your holiday is waiting for you with lots of experiences. That is why we have collected 10 sights you must visit on your holiday.
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Walk on Rømø

Take a walk around the southern part of Rømø on a path system that goes through beautiful nature areas, through heaths, forest and dunes. Get a unique view of the Island at some of the best vantage points, and get past some of the Island's unique attractions.

Explore too Barrel trails here

@Jacob Gosch - GotFat Productions
@Jacob Gosch - GotFat Productions

Sightseeing tour on Rømø

Take a ride on the bike or in the car and experience Rømø's sights. The tour goes around the whole island, and takes you very close to historical sites, which tell the story of centuries of walking on the island.

Among them 16 sights you will find both the island's highest point, activity beach, museum and cozy shopping malls. 

If you choose to take the bike, it is Panoramarute 402 (29.05 km) called 'Kommandøren og Kaskelotten' - Where does the bike route's name come from? In the 18th century, the inhabitants of Rømø made a good living from whaling, and the cycle route takes its name from the captain of the whaling ship ("commander" in Dutch) and the large mammals, the whales.

rømø kirke

Canoe trip on Brede Å

A sailing trip that starts from Nørre Løgum and winds through beautiful landscapes, forest areas and Sønderjyske meadows, where the trip ends at Ballum Sluse in Marsken.

Brede Å has 4 different starts and stops, so there is a trip for everyone.

To get out and sail you can book via or via

Usually you take a single stop of 7 km or after 2-3 hours, you can also take 2 stops and thereby extend the trip.

@Freja Dahlmann
@Freja Dahlmann

Beach sailing on Rømø

At Sønderstranden on Rømø you can experience one of the most adrenaline-filled activities on the entire island.

You quickly learn how to use the forces of the wind to steer the beach sailor across the huge Sønderstrand on the southern part of Rømø. Here there is more than enough space to frolic.

@Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder
@Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

Hiking on Marskstien

Marskstien is a 54 km long route that stretches from Tønder to Højer and back. The route moves through the lush Tøndermarsk, which offers nature and high to the sky.

We recommend dividing the route into three sections - Højer-Tønder-Rudbøl, but if you are looking for a trip that is shorter, Marskstien is divided into loops, so everyone can experience something of the route.

Read much more about the route and the loops here.

GåTur i Tøndermarsken.@Ulrik Pedersen, Tøndermarsk Initiativet.
GåTur i Tøndermarsken. @Ulrik Pedersen, Tøndermarsk Initiativet.

Segway on Rømø

At Vesthop on Lakolk you can go on a guided segway tour. The trip goes through the dune area, and out on the wide beach, where the sand is so hard that you can ride on it.

Segway på Rømø @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder
Segway på Rømø @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder


This is for groups only.

Are you and your family, friends or a company ready for a day with a little scent of petrol and speed, then you can take a trip to Gammelby Action, where you can try off-road go-karts, tractor ring riding and many other activities.

Gammelby Action arranges events for small and large groups who want to have a day together.

Read more about the place here.

Bocart race i Gammelby @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder
Bocart race i Gammelby @Bjarke Petersen - Visit Rømø & Tønder

MTB router

If you have the MTB bike with you, you can find some really nice tracks, on Rømø, in Løgumkloster and Tønder.

  1. Løgumkloster track
  2. Barrels tracked
  3. Skærbæk sporet
  4. On Rømø there is no official track, but there are many small paths and routes through forests, meadows and on the beach that can be cycled on. But remember, it is not allowed to cycle outside the trails. on stierne.
@Anastasia Shuraeva
@Anastasia Shuraeva

Marsh Tower

Få pulsen op – når du skal gå op ad de 146 trin til Marsk towers top, og igen, når du skal nedad de 131 trin for at stå på jorden.

The Marsk Tower is part of the Marsk Camp, which also has a tournament-approved mini golf course. But the 18 holes, where there is a copy of the Marsh tower, Markmandshuset and Rømø with the wide sandy beach, can easily be played by children. 

Read more here…

Marsk Tower i Skærbæk ©Jacob Lisbygd
Marsk Tower i Skærbæk ©Jacob Lisbygd
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